SwayamKids objective is to design experiential programs to empower kids, teachers and parents to grow understanding and productive relationships.


To become the most favourite place for kids, parents and teachers to explore, experiment, experience, enjoy and evolve together…

Swayam Family

At Swayam we chose energetic, passionate and open minded team of facilitators, who are committed to self development, research, and continuous learning. Every facilitator before interacting with kids undergoes training – to explore self, understand various aspects of child development and how to be an effective facilitator. Apart from in-house training we attend external training sessions conducted by national and international experts on various topics related to child development, self development, physical development, performing arts, spiritual development, hygiene, art and craft, music, communication skills…..

Naresh Bordia (Founder)


I have always had reactive approach; have tried to develop skills when I have been challenged. Developing skills and success together is challenging, painful and stressful. Then I used to always think, if I could have worked and prepared myself earlier, if I would have listened to my teachers and elders, if they could have also understood me…..long list of ifs.

Similar experiences I went through while working with young students and young professionals, while working for IT companies. They had necessary technical skills but self confidence, self awareness, communication skills, problem solving, out of box thinking, persistence, reflection, creativity, initiation, sensitivity, emotional balance, responsibility were areas of concerns. Same individuals with encouraging approach and experiences would be achieving desired results. Same individuals or teams which were not able to get results when given appropriate environment they performed well and got desired result. When I reflected that what was that I did to get desired results, 1st I actively listened and understood and recognized their concerns, and 2nd worked on the origin of the problems and not on outcomes – behavioral issues.

Further, we used to provide recruitment solutions to companies internationally, while one of my clients, top three software development firms in world, gave us requirement that along with technical knowledge they would look for communication skills, people skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills. Logic was for an organization to achieve high productivity needs team with right attitude, communication skills, openness to understand and accept others, smartness to get work executed, balanced emotions to handle trying situations is key for consistent growth.

All this experiences made me reflect on my life either I have been reactive or proactive to developing success skills and attitude. Reactive approach means where we develop skills after failing and second proactive where we keep continuously developing and learning.

Self Exploration

All my personal experiences as a child, as a professional, as a mentor, as a partner, as a friend generated lots of questions, to think and to learn more about human behavior, learning pattern, why we are what we are, why we are not able to accept people way they are, why we get disturbed, why so much of negativity, how to be successful, how to balance our emotions, how to consistently achieve, what makes us happy and sad, what is right and wrong, what are my strengths, why are we never satisfied, why do we react different in same situation, why two people in same family are different…..questions…questions and questions.

Lot of answers had origin to my experience as a child, way I was compared, labeled, expected to learn, emotional turbulences, exam pressures, exposures to various situations, creativity, and instructed what not to do. I had lots n lots of positive experiences, unconditional love, warmth, sharing, explore new ideas, think, positive encouragement, when I was understood, heard and appreciated for my efforts, listening to stories, travelling and observing role models who displayed values and healthy behaviors. What I understand is we are outcome of our experiences which develop values and beliefs, and our behavior in situations is outcome of our beliefs and values.

If as a child I got positive encouragement and environment; I want to also share same experience with others. As a child I have gone through comparisons, I am critical with others.

All my above experiences motivated us to start Swayam kids to provide stimulating environment and experience to kids, facilitators and parents to focus on their strengths and enjoy learning.

Experiential Learning

Curiosity in me to understand human behavior and psychology pushed me to interact with educationalist, psychologist, leaders, creative people, achievers, read books, attend training sessions, observe, listen to audios, see videos, reflect on experiences and put in action and try new ideas. After doing my postgraduate in Management, worked with IT industry for 10 years at senior positions, then did my Diploma in Psychological Counseling from IPMS, Mumbai, completed Train the trainer program from Geniekids, Bangalore.

At Swayam Kids we believe that children at early age learn 70% from what they observe than what they are instructed. Its joint responsibility of facilitators and parents to display responsible behavior and give encouraging environment to keep children curiosity ignited. We initially started with conducting teachers training and parenting workshop and then started kids’ activity centre based on Multiple Intelligence, Learning Style focusing on all round development.

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